2. Look at the photo archive
Browse Button
  • Click on Browse to show the groups of photos.
Group Thumbnail
  • Click on a group to select it.
    (Please be patient for all the thumbnails to load, the files are very large!)
Photo Thumbnail
  • Click on a photo thumbnail to select it.
    (The blue WZF symbol indicates that it has been set up for face naming. Click ‘View Original’ to view the photo without face naming.)
Photo Viewer
  • Wait for the photo to open.
    (Please be patient, the files are VERY large!)
  • Zoom in and out to view detail.
    (Use mouse wheel or zoom control at lower left)
  • Drag photo left and right to pan L-R and up-down.
    (Hold down left mouse button to grab & move photo)
Selected Frame
The faces are framed or tagged as follows;
  • The face in the yellow frame is the current face selected and shown in the naming box below the photo.
Unnamed Frame
  • Faces in blue frames have not been named yet (or the names are not revealed for safeguarding reasons). You can add names to these faces.
Suggestion Frame
  • Faces in orange frames have been named by other Contributors. You can also add your name suggestion to support/disagree with the names suggested by others.
Suggested Frame
  • Faces in green frames are those that you have named in this session. This is simply to help you keep track of where you have already entered names.
Named Frame
  • Faces with no frame and a name tag have had their names fixed by the Moderator. You cannot make name suggestions for these faces.
3. Add a name to a face
Face Suggestions
  • Find a face that you recognise and select it. (Left click if using a mouse.)
  • The selected face will appear in the box below the photo.
  • Type in the name in the Suggest a Name box.
  • Click Suggest.
  • Repeat as much as possible!
4. Look at another photo
Close Photo Viewer
  • Close the photo by clicking on the Close button.
  • Click on another photo thumbnail to open a different photo, or
  • Click on Back to select a photo from a different Group.
5. To search for a name across the whole photo archive
Search button
  • Use the various tools under the Search menu
6. To check your personal details
Profile Button
  • Click on your name in the menu bar
7. When you have finished
Logout Button
  • Click Logout.
Thank you so much for your help in preserving this precious information about our Wellensian community before it is lost forever!